The Ministry Structure at SSUMC

In 2012 we decided to restructure the Ministries here at SSUMC. Our goals were to streamline ministry structure, improve communication, unify our vision for ministry, empower new leaders, and move from “committees that meet” to “teams that do.”

The result is that we have four ministry teams that work together “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

What are the four different teams?

WORSHIP – ministry leaders who create a welcoming atmosphere through our worship services. This includes ushers, greeters, acolytes, worship coordinators, hospitality, and sound.

OUTREACH – ministry leaders moving the church outside of the church walls through evangelism, missions, congregational care, United Methodist Women, scouting, pre-school, activity ministries, special events, and community relations.

RESOURCE – ministry leaders responsible for stewarding the resources of the church to support our worship, outreach and discipleship ministries. This includes finance, trustees, staff/pastor/parish relations, and communications (graphic design, website, publicity, community relations).

DISCIPLESHIP – ministry leaders cultivating discipleship opportunities for all ages, Including Family Ministries (Children, Youth, Parents), Young Adults, Adults, UMW, and Christian Education (Sunday Schools, Bible Studies and Small Groups).

What are the responsibilities of each team?

Each team is responsible for:

  • Interpreting the mission and vision of the church through the individual ministries represented
  • Holding its ministries accountable for faithfully stewarding the resources of the church
  • Improving communication across the various ministries of the church by coordinating ministry efforts and calendars
  • Encouraging individual ministry chairs/representatives to empower new leadership through recruiting volunteers for ministry planning committees, service opportunities, and events.